What is Protocel & How Does is Fight Cancer?

This unique, liquid formula is one of the easiest and least expensive alternative approaches to cancer, yet may be one of the most successful. Protocel is non-toxic and, because it is so easy to use, is often ideal for administering to small children or elderly with cancer. It was developed by a chemist to interfere with the anaerobic (without oxygen) function of cancer cells. The fact that cancer cells obtain their energy primarily through anaerobic means (glycolysis) was proven in the 1930s and 1940s by two-time Nobel Prize-winner, Otto Warburg. Since all healthy cells in the body use aerobic functioning, Protocel leaves healthy cells unharmed. In 1990, the National Cancer Institute tested this formula (under its previous name of Cancell®), and the results showed it to work better than chemotherapy on a large variety of cancer cells lines. A great book to help understand Protocel is Outsmart Your Cancer, the only source in print to present the history, theory, and correct usage of Protocel, and it also presents 16 inspiring testimonials from cancer patients who used it successfully to fight their cancer.


What we recommend for our cancer patients:

Protocel 23

Protocel 50


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