Is Hyperthermia Right For You?

When we receive questions from members and address them on a ZOOM call, many seem appropriate, common questions that many may have. We record these discussions for others to learn as our main desire is to educate. In this video, Dr. Conners addresses the use of heat for someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis. When is it applicable and when can it be harmful? Hyperthermia – the application of a heat source, can be beneficial, but what are the best types of heat sources?

Also, it isn’t uncommon for a person to experience lesions (sores) on the skin after debulking a tumor, as in a mastectomy. There is always a concern that this may be cancer growing on the surface but it can be benign necrosis, callous formation, or infection as well. Getting a biopsy will probably be the best course of action to determine the next steps. Watch the video for more information:

| Conners Clinic - Alternative Cancer Treatment - Hyperthermia for Cancer; Lesions Post-Mastectomy