Replacement Medications

The vast majority of people initially diagnosed with low thyroid have been prescribed replacement medication. While there exists many different brands of T3, T4, or a combination of the two, people often think that they simply need to find the “right dose” to solve their problem. The truth is (obviously), there is much more to this picture.

The most commonly prescribed replacement medications for thyroid regulation may not always be the best option. Especially because we know that Hashimoto’s is NOT just a thyroid only problem! Hashimoto’s affects our brain, our gut, our bones, tissues, vascular system & our whole body metabolism. We must look at this disease in particular in a 3-dimensional way. We have to take every issue into account instead of just the thyroid. 

When taking replacement medications, please be aware of the potential hyperactive response symptoms & changes in test findings. Because these medications aim to “balance” out hormone levels, it often will cause an imbalance in another way. Symptoms that often occur are palpitations, intolerance to heat, inward trembling, anxiety, increased heart rate, insomnia, muscle loss, increased sweating, & increased bowel motility. 

Remember, if you are on some of the replacement medications, that there are some common excipients that most are often not told about before prescription. Common excipients include modified wheat starch (gluten), lactose monohydrate, dyes, sugar, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), talc, & other synthetic additives. Unfortunately, some of these excipients can cause triggers for those with Hashimoto’s. 

Natural Possibilities?

Unfortunately, many people who have been prescribed replaced medication for their thyroid cannot get off their medication without a load of issues. It is always possible, however, it requires a very particular approach. Natural possibilities are great course of action for those who are newly diagnosed, however. We recommend getting on a product that doesn’t have excipients in it or symptoms to deal with. Clear Thyroid Support & Thyroxal are some of the products we highly recommend. 

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