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Minneapolis, MN

Start Treating the Cause

We believe that discovering the cause is essential to healing. 

Our Six Month Cancer Program begins with our 2-Day Intensive to help uncover the cause, build a protocol, and begin the process to help your body heal. Your at-home therapies and regular consults with Dr. Conners directly then help ensure the best outcome possible. Other programs are also available including a Distance, non-office option.

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A Better Approach

Genetic Testing

With complete genetic SNP testing, we discover your unique genetic make up, defects & variations, and recommend support to enable your body’s ability recover from disease.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our clinic uses a variety of tools to assist in the healing process: Advanced Rife Therapy, Localized Hyperthermia, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Pulse PEMF, and various lymphatic therapies.

Personalized Nutrition

We believe that proper testing can reveal the most detailed, specific nutrition protocol that minimizes dosage and increases benefit. More is not better; more specific IS.

Free Resources

We offer free eBooks, Videos, Articles, and more.

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Most Downloaded

Cancer is a very scary word; but it doesn’t have to be. Conventional approaches are aimed at de-bulking a growing cancer, never addressing what drives it. Why do I have cancer? Is there a cause that needs to be addressed? This book will help answer these questions and give hope beyond standard medical approaches.
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Latest Book

We all have one thing in common – we are all terminal. It is when we get lulled into believing that we have a right to experience someone’s definition of happiness on this earth that we are most deceived. Who said you were promised 90 years, a great job, a wonderful marriage, beautiful children and a 401k?
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Upcoming Book

Dr. Conners latest passion about genetics and its ties to cancer and chronic disease will be highlighted in his latest creation. Learn how your genetics play a HUGE part of how you respond to your environment. This book will be an ebook ONLY format as it will be constantly evolving as new information arises (and it does so daily).

Patient Experiences

“If your looking for someone that wants to help and find the cause of your sickness, Dr. Conners is the doctor for you.”

Vicki & Kiera Velna

Conners Clinic Patient

“I finally have a plan and feel at peace with my cancer treatment decision. Thanks to Dr. Conners, I can now move forward with my life.”

Tamara Huss

Conners Clinic Patient

“Dr. Conners gave my family and I peace of mind, real hope and the ability to restore completely my health!”

Randy & Beth Pratl

Conners Clinic Patient

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