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Rife Machine: Light Frequency Generator, For Alternative Treatment?

The Royal Rife Light Frequency Machine 

Possibly the most impressive method of detoxification ever developed, the Rife Machine technology was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by one of the true geniuses of the 20th Century: a microbiologist named Dr. Royal Rife. It involved aiming specific sound frequencies (piggy-backed onto a particular carrier wave for deep penetration) in cancer patients to kill their cancer. The treatment was so easy and non-toxic, it merely involved lying down or sitting in front of the light.

The documented cancer recoveries that resulted from this innovative alternative cancer treatment were phenomenal. However, this approach was finally suppressed to the point where it became virtually impossible to find a true Rife Machine that used the exact same technology and specifications of the original creator. Since many of the machines that are being produced today claim to be authentic, yet are not truly effective, it is important for cancer patients to know about the history and issues revolving around this particular treatment approach (believe me, I've tried many!)

TrueRife F-122

Royal Rife Machine Suppressed

The reason why Rife had his clinics shut down by the AMA and the FDA was that he was claiming the light frequency “killed cancer cells.” Though this was his belief at the time (and no one could deny his success rate) it is NOT the current understanding of how light frequency works. We believe that since light is a photon, a particle on a waveform, it has different characteristics than other waveforms.

Everything, on a quantum physics level, is made up of energy vibrating at a specific frequency. Bombarding cancer or any other particle (toxins, virus, etc.) with its own frequency simply vibrates it, making it recognizable to one’s own immune system for destruction. Rife technology does not kill cancer, it allows your body to recognize it and do its job in bringing you back to health.

Is Rife the Best Alternative Cancer Treatment?

If there is one thing that is repeated over and over again throughout out website and other materials (videos, blogs, books) it's that we do not treat cancer. We don't use therapies or nutraceuticals that cure cancer. What we do is treat an individual person's body, after testing what is needed, to help them get back to a healthy state. By supporting the body, you are able to better fight off disease. "Alternative Cancer Treatment" is truly a misnomer - healthy eating and healthy living is not an alternative approach, it's normal living. It's the standard.

That being said, the Rife Machine is the only protocol in our clinic the we use on absolutely everyone. It's that important, and that effective. However, and this is a BIG however, we do not give the same machine to each patient. Every rife machines is programmed specific to the individual that will be using it, based on our testing and scans. So while the machine is the same, the treatment/protocol is technically unique in each case.

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Whether or not you start a cancer care plan with us, we are here for you. Every day Dr Conners writes new articles on our blog on all sorts of healthy living topics. You can sort through them by category to read only the ones that relate to you if the amount of information is too overwhelming. Each week we upload at least 1-2 new videos to our YouTube channel, educating you on healthy living, answering common health questions, and more. Use the search icon on this page to find exactly what you're looking for. Never stop learning!

Here is the Rife Machine we recommend to our patients.

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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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