Royal Raymond Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor, microbiologist, and microscope manufacturer. It was said that by using his specially designed microscope, he could observe living microbes which were too small to visualize with known technology (1,2) Rife also reported that his light frequency device could weaken or destroy pathogens by matching their frequencies as it applied to quantum physics. (3) Rife was acclaimed by peers in his early years as he expanded his work to help cancer patients with his new technology. Unfortunately, when the pharmaceutical industry took control of the AMA and their power forced all clinicians not utilizing drugs out of business, Rife’s work become forgotten for decades. They claimed his work could not be independently replicated, (4) financed studies to ‘prove’ its ineffectiveness, and discredited independent researchers in the years following. Rife and many of his colleagues blamed the rejection of his claims on a conspiracy involving the American Medical Association (AMA), the Department of Public Health, and other elements of organized medicine, seeking to make the pharmacological approach to cancer care the only acceptable method.

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 The light-energy, “Rife machine” made by Royal Rife himself is long gone, possible locked away in a massive government storage facility. Over the years, copycat devices have sprung up with various degrees of effectiveness. When we understand Rife’s theories through the lens of Quantum Physics with the benefits of modern technology, we can produce an equally, if not better device. Rife used LIGHT frequency, so any machine NOT employing light frequency (many are electrical or sound frequency devices), though they may be beneficial, shouldn’t be considered real Rife machines. Light, as a wave from, is different than all other. Light behaves both like an electromagnetic wave and a particle called a photon, making it different than all other waveforms.

One of the theories on how a Rife machine works is the principle of ‘sympathetic resonance’, which states that if there are two similar objects and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. Basically, if you can mimic the quantum frequency of a cell or an atom, you cause it to vibrate. This will work with sound waves as well and may best be demonstrated when an opera singer hits the frequency of crystal, causing a glass to shatter. Have the atoms in the crystal changed in any way? NO, they just vibrated and were unable to remain in their current shape. The STATE of atomic structure was unaltered; the EFFECT on the atomic structure was simply mechanical. In the same way that a sound wave can induce resonance in a crystal glass and ultra-sound can be used to break up kidney stones, a Rife machine uses sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate offending cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and parasites resulting in their destruction and elimination from the body by causing them to vibrate, stimulating an immune response against them.

Another theory of illness and disease and one that may explain why Rife technology is so successful, states that since every cell of the body, from a quantum physics perspective, resonates at specific frequencies, cancer cells and pathogens cause a dis-resonance and set up what could be called, “low-energy” conditions in the body. Perhaps the frequency energy absorbed from a Rife machine may simply be sufficient to re-energize the body’s healing capabilities, or better stated, the Rife machine, used at frequencies of specific organs or tissues, re-energizes or re-sets normal resonant frequencies and allows the body to heal itself.

Since light contains photons, particles of matter carried on electromagnetic waves, using a Rife machine tuned to the frequency of a cancer would direct the current to the specific site. Photons are electron donors. As the light frequencies give off an electron to the cancer tissue, it raises the pH of the mass and may aid in its destruction. There are numerous other theories on exactly why and how Rife technology works that are beyond this discussion but one question always persists: if Rife works, why isn’t it being used in standard oncology? One can only speculate motivations of others.

Is Rife Safe?

YES. Rife is non-invasive in the sense that the skin is not broken and there is no damage to normal, healthy tissues and cells etc. The frequencies and voltages are purposely in the range that only are harmful to cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., and not healthy tissue or gut bacteria. Rife is non-toxic (little or no side effects other than the standard kill-off effect, i.e. “Herxheimer reaction”, caused by any modality that destroys pathogens and necessitates the body having to clean up and detoxify the mess. This is a well-known and documented effect of any treatment that actually works. It has no ionizing radiation and so cannot cause damage to tissue, the immune system, DNA breakage, etc.)


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Can I use Rife with Other Alternative Cancer Treatments?

YES. Rife can be used synergistically with most other treatment protocols (including medicine) without the danger of harmful interactions as is the case with drug therapy. It is speculated that using Rife along with chemotherapy can actually help the chemo better target that tumor.

What Does Light Frequency Technology Fight Against?

Rife is MOST effective in dealing with microbial-based diseases (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and parasites) and your own cells (cancer). It is also very beneficial to re-set normal cell frequencies. This is why patients have used the Rife for everything from acne to hormone balance. We include over 1000 pre-set programs that we and others have developed that aide patients with a wide variety of disorders and ailments.

Is this Machine All I Need?

We’ve seen Rife machine sessions work with seemingly miraculous results – even with cancer patients who were told (by Mayo) that they had less than 2 weeks to live! However, we strongly believe that through diet, supplementation, cleansing, oxygenating, and clean water, you can dramatically improve the performance of the Rife machine and greatly reduce your recovery time. Remember, the Rife is NOT a magic wand! It is a frequency machine that aides in healing. YOU NEED TO HAVE PROPER NUTRITION AND DETOXIFICATION FOR THE RIFE FREQUENCIES TO HELP YOU HEAL.

How Long Before I See Results?

Everyone is different! I tell everyone that if you are looking for a “Get Healthy Quick” scheme, look somewhere else – because with Cancer, there isn’t one. Don’t believe anyone telling you otherwise! I believe that the MORE SPECIFIC one gets in the frequencies that will HELP YOU, the better the results we get. This is why we SCAN all our patients to develop their SPECIFIC PROGRAMS. It is important to also note that the Rife is not a “miracle light” or a magic wand. It takes the body’s own ability to heal to overcome grave diseases and adding rife to one’s protocol may assist natural healing.

Here is the Rife Machine we recommend to our patients.

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