The Need for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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The use of screens (television, computers, iPADS, cell phones…) is now ubiquitous and often necessary for work and communication. However, the ill-effects of staring at these blue light emitting screens can be detrimental. Watch the video below to help understand and combat the problems associated with our “1st World” issue of computer screens, and how blue light glasses can help.

Using the Hedron Blue Light Blocking Glasses can be a great way to protect your eyes.

Hedron’s Patented Blue Light Blocking Glasses provide premium UV400 blue ray filtering natural melanin. Featuring NEW TR90 Swiss Technology Frames – This new Swiss innovation in eyeglasses brings you durability, flexibility, and comfort without sacrificing quality! For use with computers, gaming, TV watching, driving, fluorescent lighting, etc.

Blue Light Glasses Video – Screen Time & Health

Dr. Kelly Halderman - Screen Time & Health