What Will the Proposed SF 1520 Bill Change?

Minnesota is one of the latest states that are pushing to make vaccinations mandatory, per a new bill (SF 1520) proposed by State Senator Chris Eaton (DFL, District 40). The bill is a ‘deletion bill’ which eliminates all conscientious exemptions. Removing exemptions does not change who is required to submit records or exemptions. For example, if a parent refused to submit the required paperwork (currently, even homeschool parents must submit evidence of vaccinations), in the eyes of the state their child would not be enrolled in any approved education option, which would be considered educational neglect (a reason to get CPS involved!)

For those wondering, homeschooling is not a way to remove your family from legal responsibility to vaccinate (current exemptions apply.)

It comes down to this: SF 1520 denies the rights of every single family in Minnesota to choose their own vaccination schedule by REMOVING the exemptions. Scary! This applies to all Minnesota children who are in daycare, public or private schools, and those who are homeschooled.

Now is the time to stand up. Whether you vaccinate or not, these are YOUR rights too. Please stand in the gap for freedom NOW. This is a COMPLETE, VIOLATION OF HEALTH FREEDOM!

Take a look at this inspiring Facebook post from Health Choice Minnesota regarding the rally at the state capital today:


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