Naturally sweetened lemonade with fresh mint ☀️

Lemonade is so easy to make, but often requires a whole lot of sugar to make it just right. With fresh stevia leaves & a bit of honey, you can make a healthier option for your summer needs.

If you don’t have any fresh stevia leaves, you can purchase natural stevia sweetener at any natural grocery store. However, we love using fresh leaves from our garden.

Adding fresh mint is optional, but we highly recommend it for a great fresh taste! Fresh lavender blooms would also be a great addition to this recipe.

What you’ll need:


Fresh stevia leaves


Lemon juice

Optional: fresh mint leaves


Fill pitcher with about 4 cups filtered water.

Add about 1/2 cup of lemon juice.

Add about 10 stevia leaves into the pitcher & stir.

Honey to taste.

Optional: add mint leaves for a perfect refreshing summer drink! 

Serve over ice & enjoy!

For a step by step video representation, head over to our social media @Conners.Clinic & get making!

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