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Stop Fighting Cancer Course – Section 5

Welcome to Section 5. Because I'm always tryin got innovate (one of my heroes is Walt Disney) there is one thing that we do with every cancer patient now, which we didn't previously do and is not discussed in this book: Genetic testing.

Make sure you take a little time and view the info regarding Genetic testing we have on here on our website. I know that you may feel a bit overwhelmed with information, but I just believe that the more educated you are, the more empowered you become.

You'll see that there are extra videos in this section. Enjoy.

Our Four-Step Protocol


What is the CAUSE and how are we going to get RID of it? Without discovering this, success will be limited.


What specific NUTRITION will work for YOUR condition? We build a personalized protocol around you to maximize results.


What specific FREQUENCIES will work for YOUR condition? Using unique Rife frequencies we zero in on cancer itself.


What other SUPPORT is required, brain therapies, diets etc? We find what your body needs to support fight this from the inside out.

"There is always a REASON, a WHY, for someone getting cancer. How in the world can anyone truly get better without discovering exactly what that is?" -Dr Conners

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