I have LONG preached about the horrors of Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) as they do FAR more damage than anything they may help. The complete fallacy that has been shouted about the “need” to reduce cholesterol to decrease heart risk is beginning to be exposed. A new study revealed another chink in the Statin armour exposing that it increases the risk of diabetes which, ironically, is the number ONE cause of death due to heart disease.

Stop the Statins
The recently released retrospective cohort study tracked individuals in a database for an average of 6.5 years. It showed that Statin use for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease among healthy adults has been linked to an increased risk for diabetes, diabetes complications, and overweight/obesity.

“Whereas the increased risk of diabetes with statins is well-known, the increased risk of diabetic complications has not been previously described,” write the authors, led by Ishak Mansi, MD, from the department of medicine, Veterans Affairs (VA) North Texas Health System, Dallas.

They report their findings in the Journal of General Internal Medicine and note that these are among the first data to show a connection between statins and diabetes in a relatively healthy group of people.

“The risk of diabetes with statins has been known, but until now it was thought that this might be due to the fact that people who were prescribed statins had greater medical risks to begin with,” said Dr Mansi in a VA statement.