A Lack of Electrolytes?

Most people suffer from a lack of electrolytes in their diet. There are a number of symptoms from electrolyte depletion, including fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, abnormal heart rate, confusion, brain inflammation, & more. Coconut water is the among the most natural way to consume large amounts of daily electrolytes. Known as a super hydrator, coconut water contains 600 milligrams of potassium in one cup, whereas the potassium-rich banana contains only 422 milligrams. We’ve seen, first hand, how coconut water can impact heart rate irregularities from electrolyte depletion.

Why Drink Coconut Water? 

The benefit of drinking coconut water rather than eating multiple bananas (or consuming synthetic electrolytes) daily is the low sugar content. Plain, unflavored coconut water is low in naturally occurring sugar & calories. For this case, coconut water is a great alternative to the sugary & chemical-filled sports drinks we see on the market. It provides a completely natural way to hydrate & gain electrolytes that are not synthetically created. 

Coconut water does much more than boosting electrolytes in the body however. This nutrient-dense drink has been used to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, & cholesterol levels, while also boosting energy, & increasing the metabolism. Other conditions it has been found to be effective is treating stomach flu, dysentery, indigestion, constipation, intestinal worms, urethra stones, malfunctioning kidneys, dry & itchy skin, age spots, & wrinkles. 

According to a research study on the benefits of coconut water, “in Eastern Nigeria, coconut water is used for several medicinal purposes which include management and treatment of various disorders  such as gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, dehydration, kidney malfunction, anxiety, etc.”1 Other studies have concluded that coconut water has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant qualities that may help ease a variety of severe health conditions. 

Coconut water & Antioxidants 

In the same study completed in 2015, coconut water was evaluated for its antioxidant effects, cardiovascular benefits, & anti-aging qualities on rats. The assessment used a control to determine factual results. The research had shown that, “coconut water contains a wealth of micronutrients such as inorganic ions & vitamins that enhance the natural antioxidant system of the body. These micronutrients acts directly in the body to quench free  radicals that can damage cells or they can indirectly increase the production of antioxidant enzymes (such as superoxide dismutase, catalase & glutathione peroxidase) that promote the removal of damaging radicals.”1

The Conclusion: 

“Based on the results of this research, consumption of coconut water may boost body’s antioxidant systems, which neutralize the effects of free radicals, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders. These results, therefore, not only make coconut water popular to consume as refreshing  beverage but also valuable in health and medicine.”1

What Coconut Water Should You Purchase? 

As a consumer, it is always important to read the labels to be certain we purchase good products. With coconut water, we recommend finding unflavored, organic coconut water with no added sugars or synthetic vitamins & minerals. You will not find the same benefits the coconut water drinks with additives! 

If you are experiencing electrolyte depletion symptoms, we always recommend speaking to your personal trusted practitioner. Always do your research to determine what is right for your health. 

1: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282802247_Antioxidant_Property_and_Cardiovascular_Effects_of_Coconut_Cocos_nucifera_Water