Hashimoto’s & Hypothyroidism

Like any autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s disease is extremely complex & varies from person to person. Hashimoto’s is the most common endocrine disease in the world. 

Managing Hashimoto’s is possible, but it’s important to do your part in researching more about how to manage it correctly without new or resurfacing symptoms on a daily basis. 

“If you are looking more in depth at your disease to see it three dimensionally, you will have success. If you are just looking for someone to give you a ‘size fits all’ protocol to eliminate symptoms, you’re not looking in the right direction.” 

— Dr. Kevin Conners

Hashimoto’s requires a breakdown of many components & it may take a complete lifestyle change, but there is HOPE. Often times we see people who are struggling with the use of conventional drugs to lessen symptoms from Hashimoto’s. The reason this is so common is due to the complexity of every body. Each body responds differently to drugs & supplements, so it’s important to note that neither conventional nor alternative medicine can have a “size fits all” cure for you. Dealing with thyroid issues is often a long process that may take time, much needed education, & changes to get under control. We know it’s a hard, frustrating journey, but we always implore people struggling to stick with the process & never stop asking questions!

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