How Does Cordyceps Heal?

Cordyceps is one of the ‘major players’ of the Chinese tonic herbal system and is a ‘hit’ in dealing with cancer. It is an extremely effective and powerful life-enhancing agent, boosting energy and vitality. Because it is rare, potent and highly treasured, like Deer Antler, ‘good cordyceps’ can be expensive. It is a mushroom that consumes the body of a particular type of caterpillar in mountainous regions of China, Mongolia, and Tibet. It has enormous renown as a ‘supertonic’ in Chinese herbal circles, and is said to build sexual and physical power, mental energy, the immune system and is universally believed in the Orient to prolong life.

Cordyceps is used to strengthen and stabilize the body and mind at a fundamental level. It is said to be able to increase the “primary motive force for life activities” which can be lost following a grim diagnosis.  Some people walk into my office with a complete loss of hope; cordyceps is one tool that can give people a renewed desire to live.  Because it contains both Yin and Yang (Chinese medicine for a balance in force) it can be used by anyone safely and over a long period of time. It replenishes the deep energy expended as a result of excessive exertion, adapting to extreme stress (the real killer in cancer patients) or from aging.


Cordyceps is also used for the purposes of strengthening the Kidney functions and kidney detoxification, which also includes sexual function, brain power (decreasing Th17 activity that causes inflammation in the brain), structural integrity and healing ability. Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen the skeletal structure, and specifically benefits the lower back region, the knees and ankles. It can be great for patients with metastatic disease to the bones.  

Cordyceps is also a major Lung tonic. It can be used to strengthen respiratory power in those who require extra energy in order to perform physical work (e.g. labor, sports or exercise) or it can be used by those who suffer from deficiency of Lung strength due to cancer, asthma, Mesothelioma, etc. It is especially beneficial to those who suffer chronic Lung weakness with cough, wheezing or shortness of breath. It is highly regarded in China as a tonic for those who are recovering from an illness or an operation, or after giving birth.  In these cases, the Cordyceps helps the patient more quickly recover their physical power, to improve their appetite, and to protect the body from infection.

Immune boosting herbs are essential in protecting the body from multiple illnesses. The popular immune strengthening supplement Clear ImmunoPlus contains a formula including Cordyceps mushroom, designed to stimulate immune system response.

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