I love to just sit and contemplate the amazing truth that the Creator of the stars, the One with the infinite imagination, the maker of everything, and the sustainer of life, has chosen to call me ‘son’. I am His. He is mine. THE Lord of lords, THE King of kings, chased me, caught me, exchanged my heart, beckons me daily to walk with Him, and desires to be MY shepherd.

Would it be enough that God declares Himself as the shepherd of the world? He could be an indifferent leader whom, because His ways are so far above our ways, would be untouchable, unknowable. Like a CEO of a great business, the employees would know Him by His policies and demands. The weekly newsletter from the boss enlightens the workers with expectations and company earnings. This is reality for anyone working for a corporation and exactly how most Christians relate to God.

Praise God that He is NOT like man!

THE Lord of all is MY shepherd not just THE shepherd. Oh, I know that He is also your shepherd but that’s the point. He is our personal shepherd, desiring an intimate communion with His children. We must grow to expect to hear His voice, receive His discipline, enjoy His

“The LORD is MY Shepherd…”
laughter, and grieve with His broken heart. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10:27) There is only one true flock; I want to be under that one true shepherd and want to know Him so well that I hear His voice and follow His commands!

Is He your shepherd or just ‘a’ shepherd? The world may say He was a ‘great teacher’, that is, He was ‘a’ shepherd. Many Christians profess that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, and the Savior of the world. They know the facts and recite the texts but remain outside the flock. To them, He is more than ‘a’ shepherd, He is ‘the’ shepherd; they readily acknowledge Him as King. The demons also do so, and they shudder at the fact. (James 2:19) Yet, they remain deaf to His voice and only observers of the truth. This is the group that Jesus spoke of who would even do wonderful things in God’s name yet they fail to enter Heaven because He was NOT their personal shepherd. (Matthew 7:21-23) He needs to be MORE than ‘a’ shepherd and even more than ‘the’ shepherd!

God did NOT send His Son to die on the cross to give you a good example; He did so to bring you back to the relationship lost in the Garden and promised through the ages. Jesus Christ is our one and only mediator between man and his Creator, the author of the new covenant, our personal, intimate shepherd.

If He is not currently YOUR shepherd, ask Him, using your words. Something like this: Oh God in Heaven, I know all about you but I don’t know you intimately. I’ve spent my life learning about you but living for me. Search me; change me. Give me the ability to know you like never before. Make my relationship real. I don’t want to be religious. Heal me from thinking I can know you any other way outside of complete surrender to you. Bind me to your heart, to your Son, to your word, truth, and light. Give me your Holy Spirit. Make me your son/daughter. I want YOU to be MY shepherd. Thank you Lord. Amen