Discover MORE about Autoimmune Disease

With any chronic disease, one must look further to uncover the hidden realities that contribute to inflammation & immune disturbances. It’s so important to look at the root cause & dive deeper into fixing these problems before attacking the symptoms. When we address these “puzzle pieces,” we can start to understand more about why our body is imbalanced & causing autoimmune flare-ups.

What are these PUZZLE PIECES?


Most people in our modern day are simply not getting enough GOOD sleep. No good sleep = immune dysregulation.


Food sensitivities & toxins in our food are often a cause for autoimmune flare ups & inflammation throughout the body. This includes sensitivities, like to gluten or dairy, & also the pesticides, herbicides, additives, dyes, & preservatives added to conventional products.


Stress is so often overlooked due to the constant GO GO GO lifestyle of today. Significant studies have shown its contribution to imbalance in the body.


Too much is just as bad as too little! Overtraining often puts a load of unneeded stress on the body, especially the brain.


Toxin exposure in our environment is often hard to avoid, but is so detrimental to all areas of chronic disease. 

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