The Basics of the Rife Machine and the Rife Method

I highly recommend the book Earthing to all my readers to help them understand the concept. It is easy to explain to my Minnesota patients who love to hunt. I often hear men say something like, “I just love to go sit in the woods next to a tree. I don’t even care if I see a deer; I just love being out in the woods.” They are grounding themselves, whether they know it or not. They are receiving an abundance of electrons from the earth and alkalizing their bodies and decreasing inflammation. They are healing.

This is exactly what the Rife Machine light is doing for my patients with cancer. The photons dispersed from the Rife Machine Tesla tube act as electron donors and ground the patient by adding electrons and alkalizing and healing the patient. The more specific we can be to the frequency of the tissue treated; the body receives the more electrons.

So it is with grounding and Earthing. The more stray EMFs we can erase from the environment and the more electrons we can receive from the earth, the healthier one will become.

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Rife Machine for Sale

We get a lot of inquiries about where you can find a Rife machine for sale. There are many different manufacturers out there but most are not worth spending your money on for treatment. What’s unique about our Rife machine cancer care is we create custom frequency programs based on your body. Though you inquire with us regarding Rife machine cost, we always include these in our cancer care plans.

I don’t know much about Rife machine Amazon sales, there are a few products listed but again none are worth your investment. The only thing of value on Amazon for Rife is the books! Rife machines for sale on Amazon may cost less but the quality is much worse than the TrueRife machines we use.

We also use the Rife machine for Lyme disease (Chronic Lyme), and while we occasionally take new patients with Lyme disease we are more focused on helping people that have a cancer diagnosis.

Rife Machine Testimonials

We use the Rife machine in every patient protocol (customized for each person of course!) because it is so effective in cancer care. You can look at the many testimonials from patients on our Grateful Page, as well as our Conners Clinic Reviews page. I’ve written on the Rife machine cancer usage extensively on this site. Use the search function and type “Rife” to see the pages and blog posts, and check out our YouTube channel or our NEW Private video channel since YouTube keeps cancelling our videos.

From the Royal Rife Story

“World renowned bacteriologist Arthur Isaac Kendall, B., Sc., PH.D., Dr. PH., Sc.D., referred to as America’s Pasteur, worked with Dr. Rife. Without his help Dr. Rife would not have been able to find the cancer virus. Dr. Rife, with the help of other great doctors, such as, Edward C. Rosenow M.D., Sc.D., L.L.D.; Oscar C. Gruner, M.D.; Earnest L. Walker, B.A.S., Sc.D.; Arthur W. Yale, M.D.; Dr. James B. Couche, M.D.; and Dr. Carl Meyer, Ph.D., was able to find the frequencies for many bacteria and viruses that cause many diseases. Doctors used Rife’s instruments, commonly referred to as a Rife machine, in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s and reported very high success rates. Dr. Rife’s technique was first embraced by the medical community, used by many doctors and then later rejected because antibiotics showed greater financial promise.

Now over 60 years later, there has been a renewed interest in the incredible method he used. These two documentaries reveal the dedication and commitment of Dr. Rife and the many medical doctors who worked with him. All their efforts were focused on helping mankind. It also takes an in-depth look at his life and the wonderful discoveries he made in bacteriology. Dr. Rife said in 1967:

Dr. Rife: “Having spent every dime I earned in my research for the benefit of mankind, I have ended up as a pauper but I achieved the impossible and would do it again.”

Dr. Rife’s Rife Method and the accomplishments were forgotten about for almost 50 years until Barry Lynes wrote his book The Cancer Cure That Worked in 1987.”