There are multiple factors to determining the stage of autoimmunity you body may be undergoing. Our ultimate goal is to educate people on these stages so that they can be caught earlier to form a plan of attack. When we ignore symptoms or basic changes in our body, we may be ignoring a much bigger issue that will lead to long term damage. This is why we always promote being more “in-tune” with your bodily changes, your health & your lifestyle choices. 

The Stages of Autoimmune Disease:

Stage 1: Silent Autoimmunity 

Elevated antibodies with no symptoms or loss of tissue 

Stage 2: Autoimmune Reactivity 

Elevated antibodies with symptoms & no clinically noticeable loss of tissue.

Stage 3: Autoimmune Disease

Elevated antibodies with symptoms & measurable tissue destruction. 

Remember, you can move from stage 1 to stage 3 quite literally overnight, so it is SO important to understand these stages & keep an eye on them at all times. Do not wait until you get to the level of stage 3, where there is significant tissue damage. 

When we ignore or fail to recognize the red flags of these stages, it can become much more difficult to achieve remission & gain back regulation in the body. 

Immune Factors in Autoimmunity 

An imbalanced or unhealthy immune system can absolutely have a hand in the progression through these stages. Here are some factors to be aware of so that you do not ignore the signs of autoimmunity: 

— Depressed white blood cell production leading to immune dysregulation. 

— Active infection 

— Barrier permeability 

— Dysfunction in immune cell regulation

— Chemical-induced immune dysregulation 

— Abnormal microbiome 

— Brain injury

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