The Truth About Cancer

Ty Bollinger has done another TERRIFIC job in his video documentary that exposes the unpleasant facts that most people just don’t want to hear. The Cancer industry is a HUGE money-making operation for Big Pharma, make no bones about it! Each patient is worth $300,000-3,000,000! Childhood cancer is the biggest con-game as it is illegal to opt-out of “standard medical care” and most parents don’t realize that their child is NOT their child; they are a ward of the state!

Everyone should watch Ty’s series- that is, if you can do so without throwing your shoe at the TV set is disgust. Ty has had the courage to stand up and declare that we cannot, will not, keep pretending that “cut, poison, burn” is the only way to treat cancer. Alternative methods usually have better success with little to no side-effects yet they are bashed by the AMA and FDA.

Practitioners that choose to treat alternatively are persecuted and threatened with license violations (I am the perfect case-in-point) and pursued by State Attorney General offices for rocking the boat. Patients are frightened to death that if they don’t follow what Dr. Oncologist said to do, they are fools that will die a horrible death yet the same doctor easily washes his hands from responsibility when all goes wrong with the callous, “we did everything we could…”.

Really? Did you do everything you could? Maybe a more honest statement would be, “we did everything that Big Pharma recommended to the extent that your insurance would pay for…”. Let’s just call it what it is!

The TRUTH is:

  • There are OTHER ways (RIFE, Nutrition, Laetrile, Medicinal Mushrooms, Enzymes, etc.) to treat cancer either exclusively or concurrently to standard oncological practices
  • The patient should be informed that these OTHER therapies exist and are extremely effective
  • Our medical system has long moved away from the Marcus Welby individual care that once looked out for the patients best interest to one that is completely by Big Pharma and the doctors are their puppets
  • Patients MUST become better informed and learn to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own care

Watch Ty Bollinger’s series for yourself and take responsibility for your care.

Ty’s site:  The Truth About Cancer