Modern Wheat ≠ Ancient Grains

Modern day wheat is NOT what it used to be. The seeds are highly contaminated with genetically modified organisms & the processing includes highly inflammatory chemicals. The wheat we eat today does not contain the same vitamins & minerals, but actually can contribute to a number of autoimmune diseases. Not only this, but modern grains are very high in gluten & extremely harsh on the gut, inhibiting mineral absorption. This contributes largely to bone density loss, migraines, weight gain, cavities & many other diseases. Overall, our modern day grains are just not the same. 

We are seeing an epidemic of gluten allergies & sensitivities over the years that just did not exist even a short hundred years ago. Many have abandoned gluten entirely to help heal their gut & decrease their frustrating symptoms. This is a great help to stay away from highly processed wheat, but we must remember that many gluten free products include highly processed grains as well. Try to avoid this mistake & eat organic whenever possible if you are gluten free. 

Ancient Grains 

Ancient grains contain grains like einkorn, spelt, kamut, emmer, etc. These grains have remained largely unchanged over the last several hundred years. Einkorn wheat is the oldest wheat known the man & is the only grain that has never been hybridized. Einkorn wheat, like any ancient grain, contains a different type of gluten than modern wheat. It does not contain the D genome, which is the gluten that is known to cause sensitivities. Einkorn has 3 to 4 more times more beta-carotene than modern wheat, which boosts immunity & prevents cancer & heart disease. Einkorn is also higher in protein, vitamin B6, vitamin A, phosphorus, potassium, & riboflavin. 

So, why do we usually recommend going gluten free then? 

Due to the highly inflammatory & over processed modern wheat, our guts have become inflamed & over sensitive. We typically recommend going gluten free for a number of reasons, but primarily it is due to allowing our gut to heal from the damage. Many people who suffer from gluten sensitivity, however, can consume ancient grain flour with no problem or side effect. Because you must cook & bake everything from scratch with ancient grain flour (there are not many products out there that are made completely with ancient grains), it is a much simpler protocol to eliminate gluten entirely. You can find some products that use ancient grains, but remember to read labels diligently & make sure it is also non-GMO & organic. 

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