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Ask YOUR doctor about Thermography. We perform Thermography services and accept referrals of people from many clinics. We are NOT a physician's office, just a Thermography Service Provider.

The advantage of Thermography in disease screening is multifold:

  • It may reveal an increase in metabolic function before conventional methods like mammogram, CT and MRI.
  • It is completely NON-invasive, uses NO radiation, is painless, and can be repeated as often as desired
  • Thermograms are read by licensed Medical Doctors specifically trained and accredited to read the scans.
  • Thermograms can monitor progress of treatment.
  • A licensed Medical Radiologist reads the images.

Temperature change associated with disease has been known for centuries. The development of instrumentation to produce thermal maps of large surfaces has provided a new approach to the study of body heat in health and disease. The microcirculation of the skin surface can be recorded by thermography, and this depth of temperature recording is approximately 5 mm, which is the dermal depth in most areas of the body.

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The American Medical Association Council reported that abnormal thermograms occur in conjunction with vasomotor dysfunction, which cannot be demonstrated by conventional radiological studies of the spine or peripheral structures as thermography demonstrates physiology and not anatomy. The presence of a significant temperature difference, between corresponding areas of opposite sides of the body is suggestive of nerve impairment, since defective vasomotor mechanisms result in thermal asymmetry. As thermal asymmetry is the hallmark of abnormality in thermography, the patient serves as his/her own control.

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We always recommend patients having baseline studies done to help monitor health. When patients come to us with a cancer diagnosis, we run studies to monitor treatment progress and healing.

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Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is more sensitive to subtle changes in biochemistry and sympathetic tone.

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DITI detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease. This information can help us plan accordingly and lay out a careful program to further diagnose and /or MONITOR you during and after any treatment.

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  • All thermograms come with a complete Report (usually within a few days) from the licensed Medical Doctor reading and interpreting the data.  See SAMPLE REPORT

 Other Conditions that Thermography may help detect

Thermography screening can be a good tool for many disorders. Early vascular and neurological changes may be seen with thermal images often before symptoms occur. Remember, a licensed Radiologist reads the images.



Thermography may help indicate pockets of inflammation and help pinpoint therapeutic care.


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"There is always a REASON, a 'why', for someone getting cancer. How in the world can anyone truly get better without discovering exactly what that IS." Dr. Conners

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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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