Time Restricted Eating + Liposomal C

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Time Restricted Eating (TRE) is a great type of fast that is very appropriate for a cancer patient. As the name implies, one restricts their “feeding time” to specific hours per day. An example might be that one waits until noon to eat brunch and then ceases eating at 6 pm. Their window of feeding time is 6 hours and they are essentially fasting for 18 hours per day. TRE has proven to benefit those with other serious diseases as well. It has helped those with food sensitivities and those with weight issues. Our primary concern is in helping starve a growing cancer and lowering IGF-1 levels (a growth factor in cancer).

We recommend, if you are new to TRE, that you start with a fairly wide feeding time, meaning, that your fasting time is more like the described 18 hours in the example above. This cycle can change from day to day and as you feel better about your progress, try widening your fasting time by making your feeding time more narrow.

Many people find that they are normally breakfast eaters and like to arrange their feeding time more towards morning. Personally, I have less problems skipping breakfast and lunch as it is easier to keep busy and my mind off of eating. Each person needs to find their own rhythm.

We have several blogs on TRE that also cite references as to why it may be a good practice those with cancer.

The following video describes the practice of adding liposomal vitamin C the mix and the potential upside of doing so.

You’ll find that we’ve sourced an even better form of liposomal C than the one Michelle speaks about in the video and that they ARE currently available on our store.


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