“Any tools that work with your body to help with the healing process are  great things.” 

— Dr. Kevin Conners

Alternative therapies are tools that we can use to help alleviate many symptoms & diseases. Each tool has its benefits, but we understand that it is often an investment. We always recommend learning more about each alternative therapy & educating yourself on the benefits it may have for you & your family. 

In any case, we must armor ourselves with knowledge, as this is the most important tool when battling an autoimmune disease or other sickness.

“I think the best tool for anyone struggling with their health is education. I believe it is education that prepares us to help, not just ourselves, but other people! We learn to use our education to bless other people!”

— Dr. Kevin Conners

Notable tools we love:

Rife machine: 

The Rife machine has been a cornerstone of our care since we starting seeing people with a diagnosis of cancer. Rife is a frequency based therapy that uses light to target specific cells. We recommend all patients use the Rife whenever possible. 


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can be beneficial for rejuvenation & recovery. 


Saunas have loads of benefits, including stimulation of the parasympathetic receptors. 


Hyperthermia is a carefully controlled heat therapy to help with detoxification pathways, among other benefits.

To learn more about each alternative therapy tool, search for each on our blog!

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