“In a world where our air, our food, & our water are being poisoned, it has never been more detrimental to learn how to armor ourselves with knowledge.” 

— Dr. Kevin Conners

We live in a toxic world, there’s no doubt about it. This world is filled with additives, chemicals, & pollutants that largely impact our health. We must equip ourselves with knowledge on how to help support the body despite the world’s brokenness. We aim to live toxin-free as much as possible, but unfortunately, in our modern day, this is not 100%  possible. 

The big question:

We’re all exposed to pollution, toxins, & heavy metals, so why doesn’t everyone have a chronic disease?

It all boils down to the loss of self-tolerance. 

The loss of self-tolerance includes your gene expression & immune suppression. When inflammation persists due to toxins & the immune system struggles to keep up, we see chronic symptoms that turn into autoimmune disorders. In the same way, our genes play a huge role in determining what we will be able to detox & fight off daily. 

What can we do? 

We can continue to live as toxin-free as possible & eliminate inflammation in the body. Autoimmune disease is not curable, but it is manageable. There is hope for remission & decreased symptoms when we aim to fight inflammatory cytokines in the body.

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