It’s common for cancer patients to have low platelet or hemoglobin levels as well as other anemias or nutrient deficiencies. This is especially the case for colon or blood borne cancers, where evidence of anemias are often the first warning signs that something is wrong.

The most common anemias that show up in cancer patients are Iron Deficiency, Folic Acid {B12} and Aplastic {low RBC}.

All anemias tend to cause similar signs and symptoms because of the blood’s reduced capacity to effectively carry oxygen and other nutrients throughout their system. Symptoms include light allor of the skin, nails and mucous membranes, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue upon simple activities, and pica {which is the desire to eat substances that are not food-related, such as dirt or ash}. Severe cases of anemia will show difficulty breathing, heart abnormalities and digestive complaints.

If anemia is due to cancer-caused blood-loss the person will experience bright/dark red or black stools, or bright/dark red vomiting.

Because cancer cells are always looking for the next available fuel source, a patient’s food intake can become an easy target. This means that even if the patient is trying to consume foods that are high in iron or B12, the cancer might scavenge those nutrients as fuel long before the body has a chance to fully absorb those nutrients into the cells.

The more and more cancer cells consume ingested fuel, the less there is available for the patient to use to meet everyday nutrient demands. Over time this will likely lead to deficiencies and, if left alone long enough, could actually drive cancer cells so far as to begin using muscle tissue for fuel.

The consumption of muscle tissue to fuel cancer cells is called cachexia or wasting disease. This is marked by steady weight-loss of multiple pounds per week, no matter how much food the patient consumes and how much activity the patient employs in order to use – and not lose – his or her muscle.

This is why it’s so important for members to be aware of which specific foods are currently providing fuel for their cancer, and to stay away from such foods as much as possible. In addition, our members should be taking supplements that support nutrient absorption processes to maximize cellular uptake of these nutrients and prevent cancer from getting first dibs.

In addition to consuming the right foods and taking supplements to stimulate a healthy immune response against the body’s cancer burden, using the Rife Machine’s anemia-type programs can provide significant benefit.

The following TrueRife programs can be used to stimulate/improve circulation, reduce blood “stickiness” to help prevent the formation of clots, remove blood-born parasites which can hinder healthy nutrient absorption and oxygen transport, and support better cardiac function in those prone to heart disease.

TrueRife programs for Anemia

TrueRife Frequencies Folder

  • Haemolitic Anemia
  • Eye_Burst Blood Vessel
  • Parasite Flukes Blood
  • Parasite Flukes Intestinal and Blood

Ion Pro Wave Folder

  • Sickel Cell Anemia
  • Sticky Blood

Normalizing Frequencies Folder

  • Red Blood Cell Production

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  • Blood Stimulation

TS Emulation Programs Folder

  • Anemia
  • High Blood Pressure

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  • VitaGreen – Blood Sugar

HyperDrive Folder

  • Haemolitic Anemia

Body Function Programs

  • Blood Stimulation
  • Circulation Support

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