Inflammation is a normal physiological response that the body employs to help heal/protect injured tissue.

For example, when a person sprains an ankle, the body immediately initiates an inflammatory response to swell up and immobilize the joint, preventing further injury and maximizing the flow of white blood cells to rebuild the damaged tissues. Once the wound is healed, the inflammatory process subsides, the swelling goes down and normal ambulation can begin taking place again.

For acute injuries with average healing times, the inflammatory process is a God-send. It’s a protective measure that ultimately protects people from further injury and, in time, will allow them to get on with normal life.

In chronic inflammatory states, however, the inflammatory process may start even if there is no physical injury, and it won’t end when it’s typically supposed to. Left unchecked, inflammation can become a constant companion, wreaking havoc throughout the body and leading to future health crises.

The relationship between chronic inflammation and cancer is well known. There are thousands of research studies pointing to the many ties between a chronic inflammatory state and the onset of cancer.

People who are chronically inflamed are predisposed to the development and proliferation/metastasis of malignant cells, as well as angiogenesis, immune suppression, lowered hormone effectiveness and poor chemotherapy outcomes. It is important, therefore, for cancer sufferers to do everything possible to reduce their chronic inflammatory responses and bring their body back into normal inflammatory patterns.

The Rife machine delivers recognizable frequencies that create immuno-recognition and encourage the body reduce chronic inflammatory states.

TrueRife Frequencies for Inflammation

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  • Inflamation
  • Inflammatiion
  • Inflammation
  • Abdominal_Inflammation
  • Arthritis_1
  • Arthritis_general
  • Arthritis_Rheumatoid

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  • Abdominal_Inflammation HD

Additional Information about Inflammation and Cancer