Our Natural Defense

Infections and toxins present in the intestinal tract lead to inflammation which leads to GUT cell damage which leads to inflammation which cycles back to more damage. The story gets even worse; numerous studies also indicate that inflammation in the GUT equates to systemic inflammation, particularly inflammation in the brain.  And so, the vicious cycle of ill-health, if not stopped, is a major cause of morbidity.

Using Antibodies to Heal the GUT

Secretory IgA, the principal weapon in the GUT protecting us from pathogens and toxins is important in mucosal defense. In a recent issue of Cell Host & Microbe, Kamada et al. (2015) 1 show that IgG antibodies are produced in the presence of a toxin or pathogen to help bind to bacteria at the GUT wall. Infections of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrheal disease, increased food sensitivities, and other symptoms of “Leaky GUT” remain some of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the world, yet antibiotic treatment is often not effective or can even exacerbate disease!

It is becoming increasingly clear that the normal microbiota (the “healthy, good” bacteria living in the GUT) has a myriad of physiological functions. One might say that an individual’s overall health may be measured by one’s health of their microbiota. We really do live and die largely by the health of our inner bacteria. So, defending against and eradicating all bacteria would be not only futile, but most probably detrimental. Instead, the mucosal immune system needs to find the proverbial needles-in-the-haystack and direct its defenses against those needles (i.e., enteric pathogens) without burning up the haystack (i.e., the microbiota) or ruining the farm (i.e., the intestinal tract).

Secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) is the predominant immunoglobulin isotype present in mucosal surfaces.2 It’s role is to protect – it is the police force of the GUT. These immunoglobulins “gobble-up” the bad guys with a ferocious appetite. They are our natural protectors.

The problem arises when our natural defenses are blocked. Antibiotic and other drug use can hinder the secretion of IgA as can the vicious inflammatory cycles described above. A decease in IgA production as well as a decrease in beneficial bacteria numbers and types (our microbiota) leads to increased overall inflammation and decreased overall health.

The Vicious Cycle in Summary

  1. Everyday toxic and/or viral, bacterial, fungal exposure, and/or increase medication use leads to…
  2. Increased GUT inflammation, leads to…
  3. Injury to GUT cells, leads to…
  4. Decreased IgA (our natural defense) secretion, leads to…
  5. Increased GUT inflammation, leads to…
  6. Injury to GUT cells, leads to…
  7. Decreased IgA (our natural defense) secretion, leads to…
  8. And so on, and so on…

What to Do?

Immunoglobulins attache to microbes and toxins to keep them from damaging the walls of our GUT. Adding supplemental immunoglobulins can be a nutritional solution to healing out the natural mechanisms of protection. We recommend the only dairy-free, high-concentration IgG immunoglobulin available to many of our patients. Taking it daily, or even 3-5 days per week can be a wonderful way to give your GUT a boost!

We also recommend adding a butyrate product to your protocol. Butyric acid is the number one fuel for your cells of the large intestine and feeding them is essential to helping them heal. Our ButyrEn or our Enterovite products do just that. We also recommend a good digestive enzyme, often with HCL.

Clear GI is our own GUT healing mix that contains essential herbs and nutrients proven to help heal the GUT lining. Also, adding a strong, full-strain probiotic (sometimes after using the above products first for a few weeks) is essential to ‘grow back’ a healthy flora.

SBI Protect Powder Ortho Molecular Products Using Antibodies to Heal the GUT
Our GUT Healing Protocol

Our GUT healing protocol is separated into several categories depending on the patient’s issues. There are some nutrients that are indicated/contraindicated based on genetics and conditions. All people, whether currently struggling with symptoms or not, should be considered to need support for the liver and GUT due to current environmental exposures to GMO foods, additives, flavorings, preservatives, pesticides, etc. There simply is no way for any human not to be exposed to GUT damaging chemicals.

If the person has GUT symptoms or simply wants to support general health:

1) They DO have CANCER, OR issues with generalized anxiety and/or have genetic variants in BHMT-08, CBS C699T, GAD1, or GLS genes that may increase the patient’s level of glutamates – Do NOT use any product with L-Glutamine!

Protocol 1:

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2) If the patient does NOT have any of the above issues in “A”

Protocol 2:

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  2. Secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) is the most abundant immunoglobulin in breast milk, accounting for more than 90% of immunoglobulins and up to 25% of total protein content.77 From: Fetal and Neonatal Physiology (Fifth Edition), 2017