NOTE: I have another post on this subject with a video I made a few years ago, so check that out HERE as well. But here’s my list of the best exercises to stimulate the Vagus nerve:

Cranial Nerve X (Vagus) Home Exercises

Or…things to stimulate your Parasympathetic nervous system

– Dr. Kevin Conners

The Vagus nerve is the 10th Cranial Nerve.  It originates in your Brain Stem and travels down to your organs including your gut, connecting the brain and gut. It is part of the parasympathetic nervous system that is most responsible for healing including detoxification and immune function.

The Vagus controls the motility of your gut, making sure food moves through your digestive system properly.  It also controls blood flow to the gut, so that nutrients can be delivered. The Vagus controls all liver detoxification! It calms your body and your brain. Those with ANY form of gut issues, liver issues, anxiety, pain, or ANY serious disease NEEDS TO BE DOING THESE EXERCISES!!!

If this nerve pathway slows it can lead to a multitude of problems, including intestinal permeability, small bowel dysbiosis, constipation/diarrhea issues, various brain problems, a decreased immune response, anemia, liver issues and chronic disease.

Below are some exercises designed to stimulate the Vagus nerve, thereby improving gut, brain, liver, and immune function:

  • GARGLING – Gargle approximately 1/8 to 1/4 cup of water 12 times per day for 60 seconds. You should gargle aggressively so that your eyes “tear up.”
  • GAG REFLEX – Carefully use a clean instrument such as a tongue depressor to elicit your gag reflex by pushing down on the back of your tongue. The goal is NOT to make you vomit – Do NOT stick the instrument down your throat.  Complete at least 10 times per day.
  • COFFEE or PROBIOTIC ENEMAS – Follow instructions on how to prepare the enema. Our purpose here is NOT specifically to detox the body, but rather to stimulate the Vagus.  While lying on your right side, resist the urge to defecate for up to 15 minutes.
  • SINGING – Sing so loudly that you begin to “tear up” several times per day.
  • COLD TEMPS – Taking a walk outside in cooler temperatures or a slightly cooler shower has been shown to stimulate VAGUS nerve.
  • PRAYER – Prayer and personal meditation is a powerful Vagal stimulation.
  • Social Interaction and Laughter – Humans have a huge need for social interaction. Try to get together with friends and enjoy a good belly laugh. Choose to watch funny movies, clean comedy, and uplifting stories.
  • Balance Exercises such as Yoga-like positions – Positioning exercises such as these can be very beneficial.
  • Breathing Exercises – Try breathing in and out at the same duration. Example: try a 5-second inhale followed by a 5-second exhale for a total of 6 cycles per minute. Don’t discount this to help stimulate Vagus and lower anxiety and blood pressure.
  • PEMF – If you are near a clinic that has a PEMF, schedule use of it. If you have one at home, use it daily.

Please do NOT discount the benefit of doing these exercises on a daily basis. Give yourself a few months to slowly see progress.

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