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Hello everyone, this is Anne with Conners Clinic and today we’re going to talk about B Vitamins. B Vitamins are a key player in maintaining optimal health and keeping you energized. They catalyze numerous metabolic reactions throughout the body by acting as coenzymes for the release of energy. And the energy that is released with the assistance of B Vitamins is called ATP. ATP is what our cells use again as energy to perform all of their complicated functions. B Vitamins are made up of eight different vitamins that are water soluble. This means that they’re excreted from the body on a daily basis, so they must be replenished. How do we replenish our B Vitamins? Well we get them from the variety of different fruits and vegetables that we eat, from the foods that we eat. And we also can produce them through our gut microbiome.

So if you’re not eating a healthy whole foods diet or if you have gut dysbiosis, chances are you’re not getting adequate B Vitamins. And here’s a list of some of the functions that B Vitamins are involved in: helping to regulate the thyroid, helping support the immune system, protecting the heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of developing cataracts. B vitamins help support healthy hair, skin and nails, and they help regulate stress and mood. So it’s one of the supplements that we use a lot here at Conners Clinic as one of the pieces that are a foundational piece to helping support people who are coming to us with a myriad of different symptoms. We’ll assess the B Vitamins, make sure they’re getting them through their diet. And sometimes we do need to take the next step and really add some support with a supplement.

When we’re looking at the genetic pathways, here are a few of the pathways that we look at. It’s kind of hard to see, but you can see in some of the little green fine print we see tons of B Vitamins listed. These are cofactors to get all of these reactions to occur. So there is definitely a genetic component. Maybe if you have a defect on a specific gene, something’s not quite working properly. But also if you don’t have enough B Vitamins to help these reactions to occur, you potentially are going to have some ill health.

The supplement that we use here at Conners Clinic, it’s a naturally sourced Vitamin B. It does not have B12 because B12 is really something that we like to look at the person as an individual and make a recommendation based on that specific person. We have methylated versions or non methylated versions and depending on whether or not you’re a cancer patient, if you have genetic variants, or different symptoms, we’ll make a different recommendation on the type of the 12th that you should use. If you’re interested in learning more about these B vitamins supplements that we offer, you can check them out on our online web store Thank you, and have a great day.