Vitamin B12 for Cancer Patients

Vitamin B12 is often an essential for those with cancer. While I would not consider it a “cancer killer” by any means, one problem with long-term cancer patients is often anemia. There are multiple different types of anemia and “anemia of chronic disease” may be the most common with cancer. Another common anemia is “B12 deficient anemia” due to intestinal wall damage and absorption issues. Adding a good form B12 is a good idea, but which one should one take?


There are four types of B12 (cobalamin) currently available. Cyanocobalamin is commonly used in less expensive supplements and is what I consider to be a synthetic, very poor source – do NOT use. Methylcobalamine is the most common form of B12and may be the best for NON-cancer patients as long as they take lower doses to start. It donates its methyl-group to aide in methylation, but this form is NOT recommended for cancer patients as excess methyl-groups can “turn-off” tumor suppressor genes and interferes with some chemotherapy drugs.

We recommend either hydroxocobalamin or adenosyl cobalamin as better choices for cancer patients as they are non-methylated.


What we use to combat Vitamin B12 deficiency:

Adenosyl-Cobalamin B12 Assist

Pro Hydroxo-Cobalamin

Why Vitamin B?


Sufficient B vitamins prepare the body to counteract the toxic effects of pesticides, environmental toxins, and stressors. B vitamins are also imperative for healthy red blood cells, energy metabolism, oxygen transport, nerve function, DNA production and much more.

We recommend non-methylated, whole-food B vitamins for our cancer members, to prevent genetic triggers, which could disrupt the optimal function of tumor suppressor genes.

What we use to combat toxic environmental effects:

B Specific Naturally


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