We just love Water kefir: yummy, healthy, and fairly easy to make. You can buy your “starter grains” on Amazon or get some from a fellow water kefer maker (they keep on growing). Water kefer is much better than milk kefer as you bypass the issue of lactose and casein. Water kefer is also delicious!

Start with regular tap water IF you have well water. If you have CITY (flouridated) water, buy SPRING water. Add your kefer grains to a clean mason jar with an equal amount of organic sugar. Therefore, if you start with 1/4 cup grains and add 1/4 cup organic sugar but make sure you dissolve the sugar in the water before adding to your grains. Once dissolved, you’ll add this liquid to your grains and start the fermentation process. After 2-3 days, you’ll simply drain (with a plastic collander) the liquid off the grains (to be re-used) and start again while you enjoy the kefer drink.