Hidden Toxins & Everyday Life

Hidden toxins can be frustrating to deal with, especially when you consistently aim to live as toxin-free as possible. 

Our world is unfortunately riddled with chemicals, synthetics, additives & heavy metals that we cannot avoid entirely. However, we believe that knowledge is absolutely necessary when it comes to the topic of toxins because we can do our best to avoid them when possible.

Containers & plastics

Containers & plastics are very common. Even our organic foods come in synthetic packaging. Sometimes this is not avoidable, but we can change how we store our foods! Try to use glass or stainless products for storage & beeswax instead of plastic wrap. Try purchasing from local places that store their meats & cheeses in paper, rather than plastic. It really is the little things that may make a world of a difference.


Clothing is a big one that we can’t always avoid either, but it’s so important to be aware of! Most clothing is not dyed with natural products or made with organic materials, so if you are especially sensitive, be sure to recognize that inorganic clothing may cause some health issues.

Cookware & appliances

Cookware & appliances are very important, & yet, often forgotten. Cooking foods in non-stick, chemically-laden cookware can be extremely harmful. Look instead at buying stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic or glass cookware for less toxic exposure. Appliances may need to be researched individually, as there are many that are not made with safe materials. Be vigilant in this practice of research, especially with items that you expose to your food.


While we believe it is extremely important to be educated on the toxins that fill our lives, we also want to mention that it is NOT POSSIBLE to live completely toxin-free. Becoming obsessed with toxin-free living is also something we do not condone, as we know it can sometimes become an idol in our lives. Be a researcher & a conscious consumer, but do not forget to live!