What is the cause?

In Western medicine, we often see that the cause to a patient’s cancer is never investigated. The cause is the most important piece of the puzzle for anyone’s health journey. Why is this? When we look at someone’s disease as a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, we are only scraping the surface. We know that every individual is vastly different, so why are we treating everyone with the same course of action? The CAUSE is what created the cancer to begin with. When we start from the beginning, we are truly able to uncover why the cancer is there, what changes can help keep cancer from growing, & what protocol will fight the cancer. 

Western Vs. Functional Medicine

In western medicine, we are often met with the few common options to healing when it comes to cancer. Unfortunately, these protocols are not suitable for everyone. In functional medicine, however, getting to the ROOT of the problem has always been the first priority. When we understand what has gotten into the cell & disturbed the nucleus to create a cancerous cell, we can start to put the puzzle pieces together. 

For example, say a toxin, like a pesticide, disturbed the nucleus of the cell & started rapid replication. These cells are not undergoing apoptosis (natural programmed cell death) as frequently, which is causing more & more cancerous cells to be produced. When we discover the cause of this cancer was a toxin, we focus instead on an individualized protocol to detox from this toxin & improve our internal environment. 

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