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What Feeds Cancer? HIF-1

What Feeds Cancer? HIF-1

Understanding that cancer feeds on glucose is only the FIRST step in stopping its voracious appetite. When we look at the metabolic pathways that allow cancer cells to gobble up glucose, we better understand ways to cut off its food supply. This video will help you understand this concept and what HIF-1 has to do with cancer:

Practical Applications:

1.  Correct ANEMIA – There are multiple types and causes of anemia. Testing through standard blood tests can reveal several of these and help dictate care but special GENE TESTING may be necessary to uncover folate deficiency anemia and types of B12 anemia. We do these in our clinic and they are essential to correct relative hypoxia (decreased cellular oxygen) to reduce HIF-1a.

2.  Correct INHIBITORS – Heavy metal toxicity is perhaps the worst inhibitor to PDH function. Heavy metals then cause hypoxia and can contribute to cancer and other disorders. Testing for and treating such toxins appropriately are a must!

3.  Increase OXYGEN  carrying capacity – Exercise is a great way to increase oxygen as it ‘exercises’ the PDH pathway, training it (in a sense) to convert pyruvate to acetyl CoA.

4.  Stop CHRONIC INFECTIONS – Chronic, subclinical infections are perhaps the greatest culprit in blocking PDH conversion processes as they can harbor in a person’s body for decades. H. pylori and Lyme are classic examples of this that NEED to be addressed before tissue oxygen levels can balance.

5.  Heal the GUT – Healthy gut bacteria help create enzymes that degrade HIF-1. Gut damage from antibiotic use, GMO consumption, and a poor diet affects much more than intestinal discomfort.

Get TESTED! We offer the needed testing to help uncover all the above “blockers” of proper oxygenation

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