Q&A: Tumor Growth or Not?

When a cancer patient has follow-up MRI, CT, PET scans or even Ultrasound and the radiologist reading such a scan measures an increase in size, what are some factors that may be happening? Watch this video (following the section on the differences between types of radiation therapy) to learn more.

Questions addressed in this video:

What is the difference between photon & proton beam radiation? (0:30)

What does it mean if my scan shows an increase in tumor size? (3:55)

How do you do Distance Kinesiology? Why do you need a cheek swab or saliva sample? (10:11)

Can members receive more information on all the frequencies in their programs? (14:12)

Please refer to our Conners Clinic Blog on both Conners ClinicMy Hope For Lyme (20:30)

Radiation Therapy | What if my Tumor Increases? | Conners Clinic Zoom Call