What is cancer? 

When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it is most important to be studying more about what this disease truly is & how to combat it. The best place to start is to define what cancer really is in the body, how it grows, & why it continues to grow.

Cancer is when something gets inside the cell & affects the nucleus — this could be an oxidizing agent (toxin), bacteria, virus, or fungus/mold. Most of our cells divide, other than our neurons & most cardio cells, & go through a reproductive cycle & go through apoptosis (normal programmed cell death). Now this process of apoptosis is natural & needed for efficiency in the body & keeping away diseased cells. 

How does cancer grow? 

When affected cancer cells start replicating at higher rates, & apoptosis (natural programmed cell death) does not occur fast enough for the replication process, this is when we see cancer growth. We need apoptosis to control the diseased cells in our body. 

Why does cancer continue to grow? 

Our internal environment is important! Our internal environment is the state of health of our bodily systems. If our internal environment is in rough shape due to an overload of toxins, poor nutrition, defects on specific gene pathways, etc, we can start to see cancer growth. We always want to change our internal environment so that apoptosis can kill off diseased cells within the body & halt cancer growth. 

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