What is the Rife Machine?

A Rife machine is a light frequency generator. Named after Royal Rife who defined the technology back in the 1930’s, Rife used light frequencies in an attempt to kill pathogens and help kill cancer. He earned fame yet no fortune and, after the American Medical Association took alliance with the pharmaceutical industry in the early 1950’s, his work was confiscated and he was banished from continued research. He died a broken man.

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In the 1960’s and 1970’s, alternative practitioners began to study the works of Royal Rife and reintroduce his technology to the public. Early Rife generators were bulky and lacked the necessary power to effectively aide in the treatment of disease. As time crept forward, technology advanced and more viable equipment surfaced. Currently, there are many “Rife” machines being marketed, many claiming that they are the best and most powerful. Personally, I’ve worked with numerous makes and models and have landed on my current opinion of which Rife machine is worthy of purchase based on several factors:

  1. Is it using light frequency (as opposed to electrical frequency)?
  2. Is it powerful enough to penetrate tissues and produce a viable effect on the body?
  3. Is it programmable?
  4. Is it user friendly?
  5. Is it hardy?

While I believe that electrical frequencies hold their place in treating a multitude of ailments, when we are trying to help someone with cancer, we need to be using light frequencies. When I say Rife technology, I am only speaking of light frequencies. Many so-called Rife machines do not utilize light as its treating mode and, while this can be beneficial for many things, we will leave that discussion for another post.

Second, the machine needs to be powerful enough to have an effect on what you are trying to treat. Some pocket-sized devices on the market just don’t pack enough punch to make a difference to deep tissue. I’m sure makers of such apparatuses would disagree but that is simply my opinion. Then, a Rife is only as effective as the frequencies that one uses so programability is essential. Frequencies are the key. Lastly, a Rife needs to be easy to use and have a life expectancy to justify the cost.

All these pieces brings me to two units that I deem worthy of use: the TrueRife and the GB4000.* The GB4000 is probably the most powerful but its clumsiness and difficulty to use pushes me to recommend the TrueRife as the superior machine. Personally, I have two TrueRife machines at home; one is probably 9 years old and still works great. The other is a year or so old and is the latest F-122 model. I use this nightly to help treat my cancer. I also have a GB4000 at home that I also use (probably weekly) simultaneously with my TrueRife.

I believe that the TrueRife has more than enough power to penetrate tissues and effect the desired organs and have chosen to include it in our care plans for our patient members because of its ease of use, its programability (remember, frequency is everything), its portability (you can easily move it and take it anywhere), and its durability (10 year old machines work just as well as new ones).

*Note: I have absolutely NO financial ties to either of these companies!