Genes tell stories 

We often say that people are wildly different when it comes to how we respond to toxins, disease, & other health issues. It is our gene defects & gene expression that have a larger hand in these issues.

Genes & our environment

“Our genes affect the way we respond to our environment & our environment affects our genes!”

— Dr. Kevin Conners

A person may have damaged detoxification genes due to the exposure of glyphosate, heavy metals, or other chemicals. When gene defects become damaged, there are many side effects that arise, including both short term & long term serious health conditions. 

Genes & Genealogy 

We can inherit gene defects due to toxin exposure or other means that lead to further health issues. Our societal genetics change due to environmental exposure that has the power to damage genes. Over time, our inheritance of these damaged genes has a hand in cancers becoming more prominent & our health starting to deteriorate. 

What can we do with these gene defects? 

While we don’t “treat the defect”, we DO support the pathway. Every gene makes an enzyme with a specific duty. When we know the minor flaws that contribute to a variety of disease states, we can better adjust lifestyle therapy to your unique situation.

Supporting specific pathways is an essential benefit to improve general health.

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