Why Are You Afraid?

The everyday struggles of life may often appear overwhelming. The financial burdens of raising a family, overcoming illness, or fighting for life against a disease that is sucking the life out of us can bring real pain and gripping fear.

Mark 4:35-41 should encourage us, not to stay strong in difficulty but rather to find strength in the One who made us. While it is easy to believe the LIE that what happens to us on this side of eternity is the most important; in this we get sucked into the darkness, filled with doubt and terror. We all have our moments of insanity when we come to believe in the power of the storm and its ability to crush us.

But let this not be!

“Why are you afraid?” said Jesus.

Yes, even the wind and the waves obey Him but the real miracle and lesson is that He slept through the storm. Jesus rested in the midst of the terror; while all others screamed for deliverance and scrambled for answers, Jesus slept because He didn’t believe the lie. He trusted in the One whose purposes will be accomplished and who created us for this moment so we could have the opportunity to glorify Him in the midst of and despite of the storm that terrifies the world.

Our faith must be in union with the Father, not faith in the stuff of this world.

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