Dr Conners answers the question of how he came to specialize in alternative cancer treatment.

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Why do you Specialize in Cancer? | Conners Clinic Alternative Cancer Coaching


Dr V:
So tell us why cancer, I mean, you know, you started off as a chiropractor and then here you are, you know, working with cancer patients and the few Lyme patients as well. So what happened there?

Dr C:
Well, it was just, it was an experience. So I graduated as a Chiropractor but really practiced as a functional medicine practitioner before that term existed. Taking care of people with Thyroid issues and hormonal problems, and adrenal function and things. I always studied about rife technology. So rife is a light frequency generator. For some reason I was enthralled with that technology and I even had my machine picked out that I wanted to buy at some time, but all I knew about it was it was for cancer, and I wasn’t seeing cancer patients at the time. And then in the late 1990s one of my patients came in and said she was dying and she told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts and was given three months to live and did not want to do chemo or radiation.

She literally said, if you can’t help me, I’d rather die. And, uh, that’s when I knew I should buy a rife machine and give this thing a shot. Well she lived another 13 years and died of a heart attack. So it was in that process that God really opened the door and pushed me through and really revealed to me when I was supposed to be doing so. I loved chiropractic. I loved care of people, but I knew there was just something missing that I was supposed to do. Matter of fact, I graduated in 1986 and just felt that missing something for a number of years. So I ended up selling my practice. My wife and at that time four children, went into full time missionary work, we worked down in Mexico and a mission Bible school, orphanage. And God closed the door on that, put me back in practice. I just didn’t know what I was to do, what I was supposed to be doing. Then Char came along. And that really launched my newfound practice in taking care of people with cancer. So that’s how it started.