Cancer growth?

We are exposed to many more toxins & poisons than our ancestors were exposed to. Because of this, our liver is often overwhelmed, as we typically do not support the pathways needed for detoxification. Many times, these toxins from our lifetime end up being stored inside the cells & may affect the nucleus — this is a major cause of cancer. 

Why does cancer grow? 

First —

Part of the reason is that cancer is our own cells. Because it is our own cells, the immune system is not attacking it. It is not that the immune system is working against the body, like an autoimmune disease would be, but it is not working properly to destroy the cancer, as it cannot recognize that the cancerous cells are the enemy.

Second — 

Cancer may continue to grow because of possible hormone involvement, blocking apoptosis. Apoptosis, or natural programmed cell death, is needed for the elimination of cancer cells. When apoptosis is blocked, cancer cells will continue to replicate rapidly & create a larger problem in the body.

Third —  

If our immune response is suppressed, we cannot fight cancer properly. Immune response & regulation is SO important when combatting cancer cells. Unfortunately, many things can suppress the immune system, like toxins from our daily life, viruses, bacteria, fungus/mold, etc. 

The truth is, we all have cancer cels growing in us at present. What keeps the cancer cells from growing further is our immune system. Once cancer cells become a certain size, our immune system should attack & kill foreign enemies. If our immune system is suppressed for any reason, we are at more risk for cancer to continue to grow.

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