Member Question:

My husband and I agreed together to treat my cancer naturally and feel strongly that God led us to your clinic. Some of our close friends and older children are suspicious and afraid of our approach. ‘First Mom gets cancer and now she’s trying something weird that she hopes will get rid of it instead of just having surgery and radiation.’

How do you begin to explain your approach and reassure those who are genuinely concerned?

This is a common concern among our members. It’s also an important question because it can mean the difference between securing the support of your family and friends or possibly securing an eternal argument.

When someone is dealing with cancer there are so many BIG components coming together at the same time: Big emotions, Big opinions, Big decisions, Big fears, Big life changes… the list goes on and on.

Everyone wants to know how things are going, they want to make sure “everything possible” is being done, and they want to be told their loved-one is ‘ok’. Although a huge part of this comes from a place of love and care, often the reality is they want THEIR OWN fears relieved.

It’s not intentional, it’s human nature, but it can place a cancer patient into a difficult position. Not only do they have their own burden to manage, but now they may feel saddled with managing others’ burdens as well.

It’s not a situation conducive for healing. A person needs to do right by themselves first before they manage everyone else’s codependencies.

Whenever this topic is presented, I make sure to cover several important points that may help patients handle these difficult conversations with greater assurance.

First and foremost.

It is not your responsibility to provide justification for why the Lord is leading you toward natural cancer support and not toward Western Medicine.

Alleviating the suspicions and reassuring the fears of others is not the point of this journey. The point is that this is where God is leading you, whether it’s you as an individual, as a married couple, or as an entire family.

Throughout history, God has not shied away from having people undertake journeys that were not fully accepted by their peers. Many Biblical accounts attest to that: somebody has been called to do something that the majority of other people do not agree with.

Take Noah, as an example. He was a crazy conspiracy theorist until it started to rain.

And it wasn’t like he could build the Ark in an enclosed warehouse away from prying eyes, his journey was on public display. Most of our members have a much lower-profile arrangement.

That being said, 1 Peter 3:15 says “Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.”


Although it’s not your responsibility to justify where the Lord is leading you and why, it is beneficial and edifying to prepare yourself to give an answer, even if that answer is simply “This is where I believe the Lord is leading me and I am choosing to follow that leading until He directs me to do something else.”

We are encouraged to give an account for our reliance on God. We are not required to break down all of the intricate reasons why.

We, ourselves, may never know the reasons why. God certainly isn’t required to tell us.

Remember that.


If you are truly open to following where God leads, then you won’t remain dogmatic if there comes a time when incorporating Western medical interventions may be appropriate.

And THAT can be a source of comfort to onlookers who voice concerns.

Being dogmatic in naturally-minded protocols can be just as destructive as maintaining a rigid stance at the opposite end of the medical spectrum.


Because God’s leading directs us as HE sees fit, whether or not that aligns with our personal preferences or lifestyle. Who is to say chemo, surgery or radiation might not be part of His will?

The moment we become dogmatic is the moment we separate ourselves from listening for that still, small voice.

When people hear a loved one has chosen natural cancer therapies, it causes feelings of fear. Not because they don’t want to trust your judgement, but because their ignorance of natural medicine begets fear.

Over the last century, mainstream medical culture has touted surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and prescription drugs as the sole Gold Standard in cancer care.

Natural medicine has been completely wiped out of the oncologic paradigm. In fact, there are many doctors who overtly shun anything remotely alternative or natural.

I’ve had members who were yelled, scoffed and laughed-at by their oncologists simply because they asked about dietary changes to boost their immune system. Again, ignorance begetting an emotional reaction.

If this is the response coming from medical professionals, imagine how easily that bias can trickle down to laypersons who don’t have any medical experience?

Don’t be dogmatic. Be faithful to the path God has you on.


Every single person has cancer cells in their body at every moment throughout the entire course of their lives, but their immune system is effectively recognizing those cells, destroying them and then eliminating them.

That is THE job of our immune system, to continue to fight for us 24/7 and help eradicate states of dis-ease.

Long before cancer can ever be “officially” detected through screening methods, something within a person’s immune system has gone wrong. This can sometimes take years, if not decades to develop.

Whether it be an overabundant exposure to toxins, chronic infections, long-term stress, persistent inflammation etc., the tax on the immune system over time will cause it to be less effective.

And in some cases cancer cells – which in non-compromised immune system would typically be eradicated – are allowed to continue growing.

When patients are facing contradictory opinions and confusion/concern from their peers, it’s important to remember that the foundation of ALL health is the immune system. Without it, no amount of chemotherapy, radiation, surgical resection or pharmacological drugging will be able to prevent cancer from unchecked growth.

So how does one communicate that in a succinct and respectful manner?

Here is an example you are welcome to use and adapt to your individual circumstances.

Thank you so much for your concern.

I am blessed to have your deep love and care for me.

Let it be known I am not opposed to chemotherapy or other Western Medical interventions. Those are options I have thoroughly considered because I want to make decisions from a wise and educated standpoint.

At this time, however, I do not believe adding more poison to my weakened system should be the best FIRST steps for me to take. I have been praying about this and I do not feel confirmation that that is where God is leading me.

Instead, I have been convicted of unhealthy habits which have done damage to my temple. I am being called to invest my energy in rebuilding the foundation for my obviously compromised immune system.

Through the use of multiple tracking methods, I will closely monitor how my body and the cancer respond to a regimen of detoxification, diet & lifestyle changes, herbal supplementation, natural immune therapies, stress reduction and emotional/spiritual healing.

If, after instituting these lifestyle improvements, the cancer does not appear to be trending in a direction I desire, then I have many other options to prayerfully take into consideration.

I refuse to go through this journey with fear.

If you are wanting to be a source of support to me, I am going to ask that you trust I am being led by my Father in Heaven. Pray that I continue to listen to Him as He leads me.

I do not want the albeit understandable yet misplaced fears of others to stand in the way of what God is calling me to do.

Sincerely, Michelle

Let healthy communication start with you. Let this be PART of your journey. Do what you believe is right and edifying and allow God to handle the rest.

And if you find yourself needing additional support, we at Conners Clinic are here to help guide you through these tough situations.