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Why Less is More

Specificity in Testing

We offer testing in our Full Membership Package to lay out exactly what we believe will be the best nutritional program. We believe that, "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." With supplements, what you consume and absorb, if your body doesn't need it to help kill the cancer, your liver needs to detoxify it, and we never want to overload and overwork the liver.

If you choose to join our Full Membership from our Stop Fighting Cancer COURSE, you receive access to our weekly ZOOM calls and ability to work through a personal protocol.

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  • Some simply start with our COURSE and may add other things along their journey.
  • Some then choose to start with a Comprehensive Membership to receive everything that we offer.
  • It is best to BEGIN with a 30-minute Consultation with Dr. Conners where he will guide you in your decision

Unique Options

Cancer treatment can be overwhelming and confusing. It seems that everyone is offering suggestions for your 'cure' and soon you could be taking dozens snd dozens of supplements. This isn't good! It can place a significant stress on your liver and simply makes it more difficult to stay on target.

Through our COURSE, you can join as a FULL Member, getting access to our Member's Only site to assist you through testing and our weekly ZOOM Q & A calls. You will receive a protocol binder with diet and nutraceutical instructions as well as help with emotions and ways to support your body.

Through the COURSE, you can also purchase a fully-programmed Rife machine and/or a full Genetic Test and Review. We want to give you all the education you need to help you get started on your path to health.


A Diet Unique to YOU

We teach that there are three main cancer diet 'camps' and each have merit. The purpose of limiting certain foods is to 'cut-off' the fuel source of the growing tumor. However, every person's cancer is different. Through proper testing and genetic investigation, one can help determine how one's cancer is fed and limit its fuel.

Is a Plant Based Alkaline Diet Best? | Conners Clinic - Alternative Cancer Coaching

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Have Questions?

That’s okay, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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