We may all have different opinions about social media but regardless of its downfalls, it has tremendous upsides! One of our core beliefs at Conners Clinic is that we want our patients to feel connected, develop relationships, and experience the love of a clinic family who understand, first hand, their struggles. We believe that once you become a patient, your relationship with us has just begun. This is where social media shines. It allows us to stay in 24/7/365 contact with our patient family and serve them like no other clinic.

Loneliness can be devastating. People tend to have few close friends. When a serious diagnosis arises, many patients feel even more isolated because, though many may offer help, few truly understand what struggles you are really facing. By connecting with others in very similar situations attempting to battle a disease in similar ways, one can be reinforced, recharged, and encouraged during rough times.

See more in the short video below on why we LOVE our Private Facebook family:

Dr. Kevin Conners - Why We LOVE our Facebook Group