There is not a “size-fits-all,” easy, or exact protocol for autoimmune disease. We want to, first & foremost, get this idea out of your head. While autoimmune disease can be managed properly & remission of symptoms is possible, there is not a single doctor that should be telling you there is a “cure” for such disorders. 

While there is not a “quick fix,” we do want to instill hope for your during this journey to health. It is NOT about curing this disease, but instead, learning how to manage it through education & experience. 

In all my years working with autoimmune patients, the #1 thing I hear is that they are sick of being led astray & given no hope.” 

— Dr. Kevin Conners

Often times, we see people coming in with frustration for their doctors. They are typically given another medication to cover up symptoms or told their symptoms are not able to be regulated. Unfortunately, we just do not see many conventional medical doctors with significant education on the complexity of autoimmune diseases. Because of this, people who are struggling to find relief are either forced to admit there is no hope for their disease or given false hope that another medication will heal all their problems. This is just not the case. 

Now, this also goes for any naturopathic practitioner that is telling you the same thing. There is no simple fix or step-by-step protocol that will eliminate autoimmune disease. When working on a correct protocol, we must always take into account the very unique individual, as every single body is widely different. 

While we believe conventional & natural medicine may work hand in hand, we recommend doing your research BEFORE allowing yourself to be pushed into medications for autoimmune & chronic disease. We see many people dealing with the repercussions of a variety of medications that aimed to eliminate symptoms. In reality, they tend to create more issues & a suppression of the immune system, which is the opposite of what we need to work on. 

Chronic disease is a cycle that must be managed with clarity & education. It is entirely possible to manage these diseases & disorders well, but it requires YOUR responsibility to learn more about your health & how to better support your body. 

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