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Preparing and taking a coffee enema will be discussed just after this section. Here is the physiological effect of a coffee enema:

“The effect is an increased production of bile, an opening of the bile ducts and greater flow of bile. At the start of the treatment and during flareups, the bile contains poisons, produces spasms in the duodenum and small intestines, and causes some overflow into the stomach, with resultant feelings of nausea or even vomiting of bile. In these cases, great amounts of peppermint tea are necessary to wash out bile from the stomach. Thereafter patients feel better and more comfortable.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy. [A Cancer Therapy, p. 191.]

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 601
It is an interesting fact that coffee, when drunk by mouth, has a totally different physiological effect on the body,—one which is quite negative.

“A cup of coffee taken by mouth has an entirely different effect . . It heightens the reflex response, lowers the blood pressure, increases heart rate, perspiration, causes insomnia and heart palpita- tion.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 191.

Max Gerson has found that a diluted coffee solution, taken in the form of a low enema, produces none of the negative physiological effects, named above—which drinking coffee by mouth always does. In connection with this, please note that Gerson and the Gerson Institute always give low enemas, never high colonics, which fill the entire bowel, and only for 12-15 minutes at a time.

“High colonics cannot be administered, because too much of the sodium from the mucous membrane in the colon is washed out.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 194.

Cleaning out the accumulated poisons in the system is extremely important.

“In the beginning, the most important part of the therapy is an intensive detoxification of the entire body.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 193.

“In more advanced cases it takes a long time, about one to one and a half years, to restore the liver as near as possible to normal. For the first few weeks or months, the liver has to be considered as weak and unable to resume its normal functions, especially that of detoxification and of reactivation of the oxidizing enzymes. For that reason, it is necessary to help the liver with the continuation of coffee enemas and castor oil treatments in a slowly diminishing degree, according to the advanced condition of the disease. We have to bear in mind that there are still unripe cancer tissues in the body.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 196.

In practice, Gerson found that the enemas were indispensable, if he wanted to clean out the tumor and totally rid it from the body, while, at the same time, protecting the integrity of the very important liver.

“I lost several patients by coma hepaticum [unconsciousness induced by a poisoned liver], since I did not know, and therefore neglected, the vital importance of frequent and regularly continued elimination of poisonous substances, with the help of juices, enemas, etc.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 191.

The pain-relieving effect of coffee enemas is as- tounding. The enema removes the poisons from the liver so it, the liver, can better clean the blood (all the blood passes through it every three minutes). It is the accumulated poisons in the system which cause the generalized pain of cancer!

“Difficult as this may be to believe, experience has proved that frequent enemas completely elimi- nate the need for sedation.”—Max Gerson, A Can- cer Therapy, p. 191.