What Rife frequencies should you use?

Often, we receive a question about how we program the Rife machine and which frequencies are the cancer-killing ones that are in one’s program. This video describes what we do in programing and why it is impossible to answer this question specifically. Many people have an erroneous thought that there exists a unique frequency that kills a specific cancer or heals a specific disease. This is simply false. While there may be multiple frequencies that have shown to positively effect a person with pancreatic cancer, for example, these number in the hundreds and some of these same frequencies may have proven to help headaches, or kill foot fungus.

Frequencies are waveforms, carried on light waves with a Tesla bulb and effect the body in different ways. We do NOT believe that Rife technology is a panacea for disease but DO believe, if properly used, that it can have miraculous benefits for many. I hope this video will answer many of your questions on this subject:

Understanding Frequencies | Conners Clinic