Summary so Far – What You Want To Remember

So you have a history of heart issues, have a family history of loved ones with heart issues, or just don’t wish to be another statistic and you need me to summarize WHAT to do:

1. Lab tests must include much more than HDL, LDL and total Cholesterol to determine anything at all. Do NOT let your doctor talk you into Cholesterol lowering medication if your Cholesterol is under 250 and if it is higher than 250, find out WHY before proceeding with any medication. Go back and review the other possible lab tests necessary for proper diagnosis of what’s really going on.

2. ALL coronary disease (as well as stroke) starts with a disorder in the Endothelium – the cellular lining of the tiny vessels. There are an infinite number of things that can cause damage to the Endothelium, but only 3 responses that will take place in the vessel: it will start with inflammation, could be an oxidative stress response, and finally may lead to an autoimmune disorder.

3. Success in treating vascular disease is NOT defined as artificially manipulating lab values with medication. Millions of people die every year with normal blood pressure, normal LDL and normal Cholesterol because their meds have lulled them into a false sense of security and did nothing to treat the cause of Endothelial Disease (ED).

4. If you do NOT dig to find what exactly is causing the ED, you are a walking time-bomb. Don’t fear, there IS a way to find out exactly what is going on inside your tiny little arteries, and some natural ways to protect them. The secret lies in first identifying the response of the Endothelium (remember there’s only 3 possibilities) and then digging to find the source of irritation.

5. Functional Medicine testing as I have described in previous posts are a great start to give you an understanding on what is going on. Finding someone trained in this advanced Cardiology who understands Kinesiology is a more difficult find, but it’s the best way to diagnose autoimmune disorders (the most common of the 3 responses) and the antigen that precipitated it.

Now, in the following posts, I’ll go through some real-life examples (names changed) and the treatments fitting for those cases. I promise I’ll lay out some general nutrition for each type of case as well for those unable to find a qualified doctor who understands this.

I’m wrote this section of the Primer from Orlando, Florida where I was getting ready to teach at a seminar with some of the best doctors in the world. Saturday and Sunday I taught both Advanced Functional Cardiovascular and then Integrative Cancer Therapy. Teaching is my favorite thing to do but this is serious stuff and I don’t take it lightly.

Stay tuned for more nerdy posts.

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